Eagle Freighter White

(2st release)

Eagle Freighter.
White body version.

No. 360. Die cast metal model. The model appeared shortly after the Transporter. The Eagle main body was identical to the Transporter, though in different colours; pod is a metal platform with a revolving disc to store 4 yellow plastic cylinders (with metal top), and a winch line with magnet to carry cylinders. Initially wet transfers were supplied for the cylinders (showing the radioactivity symbol & words 'Danger Waste Material'), later being replaced by adhesive decals.

Eagle was at first white with red side jets, engine bottles & pod. Later it was painted blue with a white pod.

White body version of the Eagle Freighter, the rarest and most sought-after of the Dinky Eagles. This model is in pristine condition with no aging to the clear plastic bubble package. The Eagle Freighter has a 'skeleton' centre pod which houses a working magnetic winch and a rotunda with four radioactive waste barrels. The model is supplied with a sheet of decals that should be fixed to the pod barrels (unapplied on this model), these are self-adhesive stickers which once fitted, did have a tendancy to fall off after a short while. The white transporter pod framework is red in colour as opposed to the white pod frame on the first issue freighter which has a metallic blue body. It is this white body model that gives rise to the supposed 'rare' issue 'all-white' transporters (and to a lesser extent, 'all-white' freighters), when the white transporter passenger pod or white freight pod from a blue freighter is fitted to it