For the period 1975-1980, years of production of the Eagles, the prices were of:
2.99 £ then 4.99 £.

Now for Eagles green and blue in perfects state with their box "MIMB" (some either the type), without any broken piece nor burst of painting it is necessary to count about 200-250 €.

A white cargo with red pod perfectly origin can reach 300 € with it box with if the bubble in plastic and perfects state of it "MIMB".

The fake variations (white cargo to white pod, white transporter with white passenger pod for example) negotiates at 150-170 € without box.

The other variations (blue or green cargo with pod red cargo, blue withwhite passengers pod for example) only having indeed little interest if it is not the recuperation of the elements to recreate Eagles of origin can sell themselves 100-120 € in good state without box.

In general a box in good condition adds 20% - 30% on the value of the eagle.

Eagles in very bad condition cost 15 € and 30 € according to the case.